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Columbus' Egg - Logicus Huch

  • Product Code: 792572
  • EAN: 4260071882172
  • Packing unit: 6/24
  • Minimum order: 1
  • Brand: HUCH!
  • Recommended retail price: 18.95

Columbus' Egg requires logical thinking! The eggs must be placed on the correct squares according to the laying rules. The indications in front of the rows and below the columns give hints on how many eggs of which colour are to be placed in which area of the game board. But the tasks become more and more diffi cult! The logic game Columbus' Egg offers a total of 40 different tasks in 4 diffi culty levels. Can you manage to solve all the tasks? Start with an easy puzzle and work your way up to the more diffi cult ones. If you get stuck, you can look in the solution booklet.

age 6+/
1+ players/
Physical features
Height 25.00cm
Width 13.00cm
Depth 4.00cm
Weight per outer carton 8.60kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 1
Maximum number of players 1
Manual available in the languages Dutch, English, German, French

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Columbus' Egg - Logicus Huch
Columbus' Egg - Logicus Huch
Columbus' Egg - Logicus Huch
Columbus' Egg - Logicus Huch