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Animalia - Preventing extinction EN-Quined

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Animalia - Preventing extinction-Quined
You are a team of researchers working for the Institute for Wildlife Conservation (IWC), and you are ready to go to the ends of the earth to halt the extinction of various species. As representatives of the IWC, you will go on missions to research and protect endangered fauna.

In this cooperative trick-taking card game you will have to communicate well and work together as a team. Each round consists of a series of 8 turns for each player, called tricks. The first Animal card played in a trick determines that trick’s color. The other players must
follow suit by playing an Animal card of the same color, if possible. Whoever plays the highest-valued card in a trick’s color wins that trick. When all tricks are played, each player with one or more Mission cards must fulfill their mission(s) by collecting (in their trick pile) all
of the Animal cards listed on their Mission card(s). If even one of the missions has not been successfully completed, the players immediately lose the game. However, if all players’ Mission cards have been successfully completed, players continue on to the next round.

Rules: EN
For 1 to 3 Players, from age 8
Playing time: 30 minutes
Publisher: Quined Games
Physical features
Height 10.00cm
Width 7.50cm
Depth 3.00cm
Weight per outer carton 13.00kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 1
Maximum number of players 3
Manual available in the languages English

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Animalia - Preventing extinction EN-Quined
Animalia - Preventing extinction EN-Quined
Animalia - Preventing extinction EN-Quined
Animalia - Preventing extinction EN-Quined