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Dollars Wanted cardgame NL/FR/DE/EN Huch

  • Dollars Wanted cardgame NL/FR/DE/EN Huch
Clint, Joe, Enzo and Judy are four of the most feared bandits of the Wild West. Rogues and crooks like them are in the book. Wherever these four show up, trouble is bound to follow. Because these four try to rob every bank, every casino and every stagecoach. True to the motto Dollars Wanted! they rob everything that is not nailed down. All of them get to work on doors and safes. Get to work and collect dollars. But be careful: Those who take the plunge too early often go empty-handed and give their fellow players the necessary steeplechase to get the coveted loot themselves! Rules: NL / EN / FR / DE Age: 7 and up Players: 2 - 5 Playing time: 15 minutes Publisher: HUCH!

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Dollars Wanted cardgame NL/FR/DE/EN Huch
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  • Brand: HUCH!
  • Size: 12.3cm x 9.5cm x 2.8cm (H x B x D)