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Terramara - Quined Games The name Terramara, or black earth, refers to the shared culture of several villages in northern Italy during the mid to late Bronze Age (from 1500 BC). Terramara people lived, traveled and traded in an area between the Alps and the river Po. They were hunters and farmers, but they also had metallurgy. Bronze tools were cast in stone molds by blacksmiths. In Terramara you play the head of a clan, the leader of one of the many villages in this area. Your goal is to develop your clan, trade with other villages and travel to reach holy places. The ever-growing population ensures strong competition from other clans. You will need to improve your combat power and discover new technologies to create useful artifacts. Whoever develops the best clan by collecting the most victory points becomes Terramara's leader and wins the game! Game rules: EN / NL / FR / DE Age: 10+ Players: 2 - 4 Playing time: 90 - 120 minutes Publisher: Quined Games

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Terramara - Quined Games
Terramara - Quined Games
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